Fire-EMS Station Visual Displays

PrimeAlert® visual alerting displays provide immediate visual cues to specific responding units being dispatched before, or simultaneously, as the vocalized dispatch is heard. Options available to fit a wide variety of needs.

PrimeAlert® Reader Board

The LED board configures to display and scroll dispatch information and unit status.

Location: Common areas of the station, workout rooms, apparatus bay
Dimensions: 37 11/16″ w x 3 3/4″ d x 3″ h

PrimeAlert® Response Timer

Digital timer displays length of time it takes a unit to turn out (counting up or down). Ambient light correction gets brighter in bright light for maximum visibility. Syncs with audible progress tones. Available in 2-digit or 3-digit models.

Location: Apparatus bay
Dimensions: 15 1/8″ w x 9 1/8″ d x 3 7/8″ h

PrimeAlert® ZoneTracker Touch Screen

Responders tap the touch screen to tell ZoneTracker which dorm they are using for the night. Updated in real time, dispatches are intelligently routed directly to the responder or unit, allowing other responders to sleep. Response times are improved and the negative effects of chronic sleep deprivation are reduced. ZoneTracker software resides on a tech-friendly touch screen unit which can be mounted to the wall in a common area of the fire station and/or specific dorm rooms. Used with PrimeAlert® Zoning and PrimeAlert® IP-based alerting. Easily configures for different user levels. The touch screen can be either hard-wired or wireless.

Location: Officer’s quarters, specific dorm rooms, and common areas of the station

PrimeAlert® Rip & Run Printer

High-speed thermal printer (300mm per second) configured to print any dispatch information in PrimeAlert® Dispatcher.

Location: Hallway leading to apparatus bay
Dimensions: 5 3/4″ x 7 5/8″ d x5 3/4″ h

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