Fire-EMS Station Alerting Audio Technology

PrimeAlert® Fire-EMS Station Alerting offers the latest technology in digital signal processing and features absolute quieting sound technology that eliminates clicks, pops, and hisses from the speaker to ensure clear understandability.

PrimeAlert® Intelligent Audio Switch (IAS)

Residing with the amplifier at the station, this unit provides supplemental audio control capabilities that many amplifiers can’t perform. Mutes up to 3 audio channels for PrimeAlert® Voice alerting. Automatically detects pre-existing external tones, waiting until tones are complete before vocalizing the alert (required).

Location: Bunk rooms, hallways, fire pole areas
Dimensions:  7 13/16″ w x 4 3/8″d x 1 31/32″ h

Focused Speaker

The premier speaker for zoned alerting with the ability to individual control, direct, and focus audio to specific areas.

Near-field Speaker

Wall-mount baffle speakers provide superior sound quality producing highly understandable audio and sound that washes a specific area. Works equally well for indoor or outdoor use. Available in black or white.

Location: Apparatus bays, poor acoustical environments, outdoor patios
Dimensions: 9 1/2″w x 6 3/4″d x 6 1/2″ h

Ceiling Speaker

Round, recessed ceiling speakers that provide excellent sound quality. Optional volume control is available.

Location: Egress areas (hallways, stairways, dorm rooms).

Horn Speaker

Weatherproof exterior speaker for audio alerting outside the station.

Location: Outside the station

Volume Control

Connected to individual speakers to provide volume control of speakers in the station.

Location: Anywhere a speaker is located
Dimensions: 3 1/2″ w x 5 1/4″ d x 2 3/4″ h

PrimeAlert® Station Amplifier

Provides 2 x 120-watt channels and eight inputs with configurable priority muting. Features ambient noise sensing, computer control and monitoring, and configurable volume control. Several amplifier models available.

Location: IT room at the Fire-EMS station

Ambient Noise Sensor

Audio sensing device tied to ambient noise sensing speakers that automatically adjusts the speaker volume based on noise levels in the station.

Location: Apparatus bays and other noisy environments

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