Control Devices inside and outside the station

Having the bay door automatically open so the truck is ready to leave the instant the crew is on board can significantly improve response times. PrimeAlert® Fire-EMS station control options include automatic activation (and de-activation) of bay doors, gates, traffic lights, gas stove shut-off, and more.

PrimeAlert® Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

Housed inside the system enclosure as part of the Station Control Panel, this cost-effective off-the-shelf relay PLC automatically opens and closes apparatus bay doors and gates, turns on/off lights, controls traffic signals, turns off gas stoves, activates fans, and monitors station devices including acknowledgement buttons, still alarm controls, test buttons, doorbells, fire alarms, and CO sensors.

Location: Inside of Station Control Panel

PrimeAlert® Acknowledgement Switch

Located at the station in the apparatus bay, first responders press this button to acknowledge they have received a dispatch. The acknowledgement is sent back to the Communications Center, and is displayed within the PrimeAlert® Dispatcher interface.

Location: Apparatus bay

PrimeAlert® Doorbell

Automated doorbell notifies station personnel of visitors at station entrances with a specific message announcing which doorbell has been activated.

Location: Entrance doors to station

PrimeAlert® Day/Night Switch

Allows manual muting and unmuting of radio traffic at the station during the day or night. Dispatch information for unit(s) at the station will always be aired; however, unnecessary radio chatter is not heard.

Location: Near radio base at the station

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