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Automated Fire Alerting and Dispatching

Our system is the most modular, flexible, cost-effective, and powerful automated voice alerting and dispatch system on the market. Our products represent over 30 years of innovation with one singular focus, Fire-EMS. Our Sales Consultants are here to help you build out your department to fit your needs and your budget.

IP and Radio Station Alerting

Two complementary products, lightning fast Internet Protocol (IP) network-based alerting to the station, and radio-based alerting, can be used for primary or secondary alerting. Using both provides redundancy for compliance.

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PrimeAlert® Voice

Clear and flexible, natural voice ensures every dispatch is heard clearly and quickly when every second matters.

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Station Audio

The latest in audio technology in digital signal processing with remote access for diagnostics, maintenance, and control. Our absolute quieting eliminates clicks, pops and hisses from the speaker, giving you the best possible sound quality.

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Station Lighting

Lighting for illumination helps responders navigate safely and quickly to the apparatus bay. Lighting for alerting gives a quick visual cue for responders to know if it’s their unit being called.

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Station Visual Displays

When the call comes, having immediate visual cues for which units are responding before or simultaneously as the dispatch is vocalized saves valuable time.

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Zoned Alerting

Zoned alerting mitigates the negative effects of sleep deprivation for first responders by gently waking only those who are responding to the call to be awakened, while others rest undisturbed.

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Maps and Apps

Dispatch and location information at your fingertips at the station, or on smartphones and tablets. Intuitive interfaces display dispatch information, maps, and driving directions that save valuable time.

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Automated Mechanical Controls

Devices can be tied specifically to a dispatch, a specific time of day, or a specific event. Use relays or programmable logic controllers to automatically control apparatus bay doors, gates, doorbells, and appliances.

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No need to buy a new system when it’s time to upgrade or replace something. Our line of accessories makes it easy.

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