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The best automated voice on the market

The best automated voice on the market

A Locution exclusive, PrimeAlert® Voice offers word-based human voice technology with 99.9% understandability and proven improvement in response times. It also includes the flexibility of a fragment syllable-based voice technology enabling agencies to control the voice and the way they want it verbalized (pronouncing critical information and local landmarks that constantly change). No downtime, as updates are handled remotely at no extra cost.

Our station alerting roots run deep

Our fire station alerting roots run deep

As industry leaders with 30 years of research and development (R&D) in fire station alerting, we got our start as a station alerting technical consulting firm in 1986 creating one of the first, off-the shelf station alerting systems for the Las Vegas Fire Department. In 1993 we introduced our advanced automated voice alerting technology, known today as PrimeAlert® Voice. We planted the seed in Las Vegas over 30 years ago, and we still proudly protect them today, along with over 34 million across North America. Fire alerting remains our singular focus. Research and development is where we got our start, and where we continue to invest to ensure we continue to offer the best Fire-EMS station alerting products on the market.

Modular, flexible, and cost-effective

Modular, flexible, and cost-effective

Our PrimeAlert® software-centric, automated dispatch and fire alerting system allows stations to use non-proprietary hardware for easy migration and expansion. Start with the core system and enhance it over time based on your requirements and budget. Being software-centric also provides remote upgrades that keep your system up-to-date with the latest capabilities. Using industry standard monitors, PCs, and speakers saves money if you want to use your existing equipment, or we can provide it for you.

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Dispatchers love PrimeAlert®

PrimeAlert® Dispatcher automates repetitive tasks, allowing more valuable time for dispatchers to spend with distressed callers or gathering important details. Stress from call stacking during high call volume time is no longer a problem with simultaneous dispatching. PrimeAlert® Voice routes and vocalizes dispatch with 99.9% understandability which reduces stress and improves response times. Our Call Categorization feature enables special dispatch ordering, tone creation, and message routing based on the specific category of the call. Created with Dispatchers in mind, it helps reduce stress, increases productivity, and improves response times.

Reduced stress and better sleep for responders

Reduced stress and better sleep for first responders

PrimeAlert® Voice, automated voice alerting, delivers one, clear and flexible voice, helping to reduce stress by ensuring the dispatch information is heard in the same order and format every time. Zoned dispatching and alerting targets specific units or responders, allowing others to sleep through the night. Heart-saver ramped tones and lights ease you awake, waking only the responders involved in the call. Some say the best never rest. We work to provide rest for the best.


Faster response times

Voice alerting with 99.9% understandability so you get it right every time. Lightning fast IP or radio delivering dispatches in milliseconds, not minutes. Mechanical control of devices activates bay doors, lights, and other devices to get you out of the station faster. Our PrimeAlert® Maps and Apps display a quick view of the dispatch information, a street map and street view, plus driving directions–so important when every second counts.

Redundancy for peace of mind and compliance

Redundancy for peace of mind and compliance

PrimeAlert® Radio in Push-to-Talk (PTT) or PrimeAlert® Radio LCDI (Locution Console Data Interface). Create redundancy to ensure full NFPA 1221 compliance by using our IP-based alerting as the primary, with PrimeAlert® Radio as a secondary path. PrimeAlert® Radio interfaces with Motorola Gold Elite, MCC7500, and Harris radio systems.

We help you find the solution that’s right for you

We help find the solution that’s right for you

Having the most flexible and configurable system on the market means you have options to create the best solution for your unique station needs. Our Sales Consultants work one-on-one with you to help build a system that works for you today, and can grow with you into the future. Take your station to the next level with PrimeAlert®, request a consultation and quote.

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