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Our Fire Station Alerting Roots Run Deep

About Locution

Mission Statement

“To save property and lives while improving the overall health and wellness of dispatchers and first responders.”

As industry leaders with over 30 years of research and development (R&D) in fire station alerting, we got our start as a station alerting technical consulting firm in 1986 by creating one of the first off-the-shelf fire station alerting systems for the Las Vegas Fire Department. In 1993 we pioneered advanced automated voice alerting technology, known today as PrimeAlert® Voice. In the early 2000s we brought zoning in and now alert the busiest department in the US (based upon incidents per units) Clark County Fire Station 18 which supports the Las Vegas strip. We have now brought advanced fire station alerting into each of four corners of North America and in between.

Our President and CTO, Glenn Neal, was instrumental in developing an e-911 system in the mid-1980s revolutionizing the industry, linking addresses with incoming 911 calls. Since then, we have been creating the most powerful, flexible, and configurable automated dispatch and fire station alerting system in the industry.

Today, our software-centric PrimeAlert® products are modular, and can take advantage of non-proprietary hardware, giving fire stations the greatest flexibility. Our PrimeAlert® Voice, with 99.9% understandability, delivers the clearest and most flexible automated voice technology on the market today. Our solutions are scalable to meet the needs of your fire station today, and can grow with you into the future.

We planted the seed over 30 years ago, and we still proudly protect the City of Las Vegas today — along with over 41 million across North America. A strong commitment to R&D is how we started, and we continue to invest in innovation to ensure PrimeAlert® remains the best fire station alerting solution on the market.

At Locution, innovating technologies for fire alerting remains our singular focus. Our mission is to save property and lives. Our passion is improving the overall health and wellness of dispatchers and first responders. Some say the best never rest. We work to provide rest for the best.

Locution Systems. Leaders in fire alerting technologies for over 30 years–and growing.

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