Automated Dispatch and Fire Alerting System

PrimeAlert®, from Locution Systems, is a powerful, flexible, and configurable automated fire station alerting system. Our software-centric solution allows stations to use non-proprietary hardware for easy migration and expansion and easily scales for stations of all sizes. Choose solutions to meet your needs now, and that can grow with you in the future. Alerting technologies include: automated voice alerting, fire station lighting systems, visual alerting devices, zoned station alerting, automated mechanical controls, and fire station sound systems.

IP and Radio Station Alerting

Lightning fast IP Network-based alerting sends multiple dispatches to multiple units at multiple stations in milliseconds. Radio-based alerting options include, Push-to-Talk or PrimeAlert® Radio LCDI. Learn more

PrimeAlert® Voice

A Locution exclusive. Get the best in the industry, 99.9% understandability and special pronunciation capabilities with our clear and flexible voice alerting technology. Learn more

Fire Station Audio and Visual Displays

Precisely controlled ramped lighting and heart-saver tones ease responders awake. Reader boards and monitors display visual cues while dispatch is vocalized to responding unit(s).

Zoned Alerting for Multi-Unit Fire Stations

Routes dispatches and triggers fire station alerting functions directly to, and only to, the responding units, allowing other responders to sleep, reducing the effects of sleep deprivation. Four Zone options available. Learn more

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Cost Effective & Modular

Scalable to fit your needs and your budget

Supports non-proprietary, off-the-shelf equipment

Open platform design for easier migration and expansion

Budget-friendly modular fire station alerting makes it easy to upgrade or expand

Software-centric design means less downtime with remote updates


Focus on What Matters Most

Options to meet your most critical needs–and your budget

Improves Response Times

  • PrimeAlert® Voice offers the clearest audio alerts on the market with 99.9% understand-ability.
  • Station controls enable control of street lights, apparatus bar doors, gates and more outside the fire station.
  • Maps & Apps gives you precise geo-location and incident alert information while on-the-go.

Improves Health & Wellness

  • PrimeAlert® ZoneTracker minimizes the risks of sleep deprivation
  • Ramped Lighting & Tones wake responders gently to reduce stress
  • Reduces stress for emergency communication center dispatchers with automated PrimeAlert® Voice alerting

Creates Redundancies

  • Opt for both communication paths for optimal redundancy. Use PrimeAlert® IP as your primary and PrimeAlert® Radio as your secondary alerting path to fire stations and for units in the field.
  • A redundant path is required to be NFPA 1221 and 1710 compliant. Our radio option interfaces with Motorola Gold Elite, MCC7500, and Harris radio systems
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