PrimeAlert® Intelligent Audio Switch (IAS)

Residing with the amplifier at the station, this unit provides supplemental audio control capabilities that many amplifiers can’t perform. Mutes up to 3 audio channels for PrimeAlert® Voice alerting. Automatically detects pre-existing external tones, waiting until tones are complete before vocalizing the alert (required).

Location: Bunk rooms, hallways, fire pole areas
Dimensions:  7 13/16″ w x 4 3/8″d x 1 31/32″ h

Focused Speaker

The premier speaker for zoned alerting with the ability to individual control, direct, and focus audio to specific areas.

Near-field Speaker

Wall-mount baffle speakers provide superior sound quality producing highly understandable audio and sound that washes a specific area. Works equally well for indoor or outdoor use. Available in black or white.

Location: Apparatus bays, poor acoustical environments, outdoor patios
Dimensions: 9 1/2″w x 6 3/4″d x 6 1/2″ h

Ceiling Speaker

Round, recessed ceiling speakers that provide excellent sound quality. Optional volume control is available.

Location: Egress areas (hallways, stairways, dorm rooms).

Horn Speaker

Weatherproof exterior speaker for audio alerting outside the station.

Location: Outside the station

Volume Control

Connected to individual speakers to provide volume control of speakers in the station.

Location: Anywhere a speaker is located
Dimensions: 3 1/2″ w x 5 1/4″ d x 2 3/4″ h

PrimeAlert® Station Amplifier

Provides 2 x 120-watt channels and eight inputs with configurable priority muting. Features ambient noise sensing, computer control and monitoring, and configurable volume control. Several amplifier models available.

Location: IT room at the Fire-EMS station

Ambient Noise Sensor

Audio sensing device tied to ambient noise sensing speakers that automatically adjusts the speaker volume based on noise levels in the station.

Location: Apparatus bays and other noisy environments

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