PrimeAlert® Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

Housed inside the system enclosure as part of the Station Control Panel, this cost-effective off-the-shelf relay PLC automatically opens and closes apparatus bay doors and gates, turns on/off lights, controls traffic signals, turns off gas stoves, activates fans, and monitors station devices including acknowledgement buttons, still alarm controls, test buttons, doorbells, fire alarms, and CO sensors.

Location: Inside of Station Control Panel

PrimeAlert® Acknowledgement Switch

Located at the station in the apparatus bay, first responders press this button to acknowledge they have received a dispatch. The acknowledgement is sent back to the Communications Center, and is displayed within the PrimeAlert® Dispatcher interface.

Location: Apparatus bay

PrimeAlert® Doorbell

Automated doorbell notifies station personnel of visitors at station entrances with a specific message announcing which doorbell has been activated.

Location: Entrance doors to station

PrimeAlert® Day/Night Switch

Allows manual muting and unmuting of radio traffic at the station during the day or night. Dispatch information for unit(s) at the station will always be aired; however, unnecessary radio chatter is not heard.

Location: Near radio base at the station

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